About Us

Since 1996, Lifeguard and Safety have provided Safety, Medic and Marine Coordination for a significant number of Film and TV Productions and other high risk activities.

Back in 1996, New Zealand was adapting to the relatively new 'Health and Safety in Employment Act - 1992'. With this increasing focus on improving the culture of safety around the workplace, Willy Heatley started Lifeguard and Safety. With a background in Surf Lifesaving, Rescue Helicopter and Powerboat rescue diving, the initial focus of the company was centered around sports events, including powerboat racing. It wasn't long however before Lifeguard and Safety entered the world of Film and TV. 

Film & TV production is currently our main area of operation, although we also provide services to special events, boat racing & other high-risk activities.

From low budget productions to large scale international films, studio based drama to helicopters in remote locations, tiny documentary teams to crews in the hundreds, in New Zealand and abroad, we have an abundance of experience in keeping your team safe, healthy & performing at the top of their game.

Over the years, Lifeguard and Safety have provided contract safety, medical, marine and dive coordination on a huge array of Film and TV projects including filming in recent years of Warner Bros 'The Meg' (filmed during 2016 in China and New Zealand) and Disney's 'Mulan' (filmed during 2018 in China and New Zealand).